Shipping policy


What country do you ship to?
You can see the list of countries to which we send the CandysanBox when you register your address.

When will I receive my CandysanBoxes?
Your CandysanBox is air-shipped the first week of every month. Delivery times are generally 1 to 3 weeks from the date of dispatch. Delivery times can vary depending on the time of year and the efficiency of the postal services, so you will receive your Box each month on a different date.

How can I know where my box is after it has been shipped?
We ship your CandysanBox from Japan. Our delivery method is air mail which does not include package tracking.

However, rest assured: if your shipping address is correct, your Box will arrive with no problems. Remember to check the delivery notices, and if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact your post office.

If your Box could not be delivered by your delivery person, it was probably sent back to Japan. To that time we will contact you as soon as the return of your package is noted.

My Box is late, what should I do?
The transport times announced by the postal services are 3 weeks maximum, but some packages sometimes arrive later because of a fairly long passage through customs, or a simple delay in the post office.

If the 3 week period is exceeded

Your first instinct should be to check on your CandysanBox account that you have indicated a correct delivery address. If you find an error, specify it to your post office or your postman. From our side we can no longer change the address once we have sent the package. If your address is correct check that your package is not waiting at the post office. It is possible that you have not seen/received the delivery notice from your postman if he came to deliver to you in your absence. Make it clear to the post office that your package comes from Japan and that it has no tracking number.

If your order was returned to Japan

This usually happens if the postman can't find your address or if you haven't picked up your package at the post office in time (the post office keeps packages waiting for about 2 to 3 weeks if you are absent during delivery ). The round trip to Japan will take between 2 months and 3 months from the day of your order. Sometimes more, but it's quite rare. We can send your Box back to you once it returns to Japan. You may have to pay the shipping costs a second time for shipping, depending on the reason for the return. In any case, we will send you an e-mail as soon as possible after receipt of your package.

Special cases :

If you live in the premises of the Gendarmerie or the Army, it is possible that your mail will be handled by a special carrier other than the post office and this can lengthen delivery times.
Some numbers :

– just under 1% of the packages we ship are returned to Japan. Out of 10 parcels that return to Japan, about 7 bear the mention "unclaimed" (generally a problem with the delivery notice from the postman), 2 return with the mention "Does not live at the address indicated" or "Address unknown or not found”, the last one is returned for a different or unspecified reason.

– approximately 1 in 1,000 packages disappears during transport. It is of course impossible to know the reasons for this, but you can already avoid the risks of a delivery to the wrong address by warning your postman in advance that you are expecting a package from abroad. Filling in your phone number in the delivery address can also help the postman/deliverer to find the correct address.

I'm moving: how do I still receive my boxes?
When you move, first change your delivery address on your personal space. To do this, click on "My account" in the main menu, then on the "Addresses" tab. To next to your "Delivery address", click on "Edit".

Attention : after updating your address on your account, please send us a message via the contact form (choose subject 2 - Change of address) so that we can validate the change.

Also note that the change of address cannot be made on a box already indicated "in preparation" and will then be effective at the next box.

Finally, remember to follow up on your address with your postal service. In this way you will be sure to receive your CandysanBox at your new address.