À propos de nous

<p><strong>Who are we?</strong><br>Candysan and CandysanBox are Here Japan sites.<br><br>It Japan is a Japanese company based in Tokyo since August 9, 2010 and registered as a kabushiki gaisha (株式会社) since February 23, 2015. First a blog and then a news website about Japan, we specialized in exporting Japanese products in 2012 with the Candysan online store.<br><br><strong>The concept</strong><br>Subscribe to the CandysanBox, and receive a selection of 14 snacks and sweets sold only in Japan with a Japanese gift every month.<br><br><strong>How do we choose the products?</strong><br>All the items in the CandysanBox are original products bought in Japan and shipped from Japan. They are all selected by us according to quality and popularity criteria.<br><br>In Japan, different brands of sweets and snacks regularly renew the flavors of their products according to the seasons and times of the year. We always choose our products according to the market trends, which allows us to never offer you the same product twice during the same year.<br><br><strong>Can I buy the products of the Box without subscribing?</strong><br>You will be able to find most of the products of the Box on our Candysan store. But beware some of the products in the CandysanBox are limited editions that we do not retail on the Candysan website. Subscribing to the CandysanBox, it is also the insurance to discover new products!!<br><br><strong>Subscription</strong><br>I want to subscribe, does it commit me for several months? You can unsubscribe at any time via your personal space. The subscription to the Candysanbox is without commitment, for an indefinite period and can be cancelled at any time without additional costs.<br><br><strong><em>I have just subscribed:</em></strong> when will I receive my first CandysanBox?<br>You will receive it the month after your subscription. If you start a subscription in February, your first CandysanBox will be the one in March!<br><br>If you subscribe today your first box will be shipped early next month and you will receive it between one and three weeks after the shipment.<br><br><em><strong>I unsubscribed after being charged, will I receive my CandysanBox(es)? </strong></em><br>If we have received your payment, you will receive the Box(es) you paid for according to the plan you chose (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually) as originally planned, even if you have suspended your subscription.<br><br>You will no longer be debited for the months following your unsubscription and will not receive subsequent CandysanBoxes. <br><br><em><strong>The site shows 0 available boxes. Will I receive my CandysanBox?</strong></em><br>If you are already a CandysanBox subscriber, you will automatically receive a Box every month no matter what.<br><br>Our site simply shows the number of new subscriptions available. If you are not yet a subscriber and the counter is at zero, you will have to wait until next month for us to open new subscriptions.<br><br><strong>Payment<br></strong><br><em><strong>When will I be charged?</strong></em><br>When you start a subscription, you are charged the same day. Your payment is automatically renewed each month on the same date. For example if you subscribe on January 1, your next payment will be scheduled for February 1. Following this payment, you will receive the next CandysanBox.<br><br>If you choose to subscribe for 3 months or 6 months the process is the same, but your payment will be scheduled every 3 months or every 6 months instead of every month.<br><br><em><strong>Do I have to pay shipping? </strong></em><br>No, shipping is included in the price of the CandysanBox.<br><br><strong>Delivery<br></strong><br><strong><em>What country do you ship to?</em></strong><br>Here is the list of countries we ship the CandysanBox to:<br><br>Germany<br>Austria<br>Belgium<br>Denmark<br>Spain<br>Finland<br>France Metropolitan<br>Iceland<br>Italy<br>Ireland<br>Norway<br>Netherlands<br>Portugal<br>United Kingdom (UK)<br>Switzerland<br>Sweden<br><br><em><strong>When will I receive my CandysanBoxes?</strong></em><br>Your CandysanBox is shipped via airmail in the first week of each month. Delivery times are generally 1-3 weeks from the date of shipment. Delivery times may vary depending on the time of year and postal service efficiency, so you will receive your Box each month on a different date.<br><br><em><strong>How do I know where my box is after it has been shipped?</strong></em><br>We ship your CandysanBox from Japan. Our delivery method is air mail which does not include package tracking.<br><br>However, rest assured: if your shipping address is correct, your Box will arrive without any problems. Remember to check the delivery notes, and if you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact your post office.<br><br>If your Box could not be delivered by your delivery person, it was probably reshipped to Japan. At that time we will contact you as soon as the return of your package is noticed.<br><br><em><strong>My Box is late, what to do?</strong></em><br>The transportation time announced by the postal services is 3 weeks maximum, but some packages sometimes arrive later due to a long customs clearance, or a simple delay of the post office. <br><br><strong>If the 3 weeks delay is exceeded</strong><br><br>Your first reflex should be to check on your CandysanBox account that you have indicated a correct delivery address. If you notice a mistake, please tell your post office or your letter carrier. On our side, we cannot change the address once we have sent the package. If your address is correct, check that your package is not waiting at the post office. It is possible that you did not see/receive the notice of passage of your letter carrier if he came to deliver you in your absence. Be sure to tell the post office that your package is from Japan and does not have a tracking number.<br><br><strong>If your order was returned to Japan</strong><br><br>This usually happens if the letter carrier cannot find your address or if you did not pick up your package from the post office in time (the post office keeps packages on hold for about 2 to 3 weeks if you are absent during delivery). The round trip to Japan will take between 2 and 3 months from the day of your order. Sometimes more, but it is quite rare. We will be able to send your box back to you once it is back in Japan. You may have to pay a second time the shipping cost, it depends on the reason of the return. In any case we will send you an email as soon as possible after receiving your package.<br><br><strong>Special cases:</strong><br><br>If you live in Gendarmerie or Army premises it is possible that your mail is taken care of by a special carrier other than the post office and this may lengthen the delivery time.<br>Some figures:<br><br>- a little less than 1% of the packages we send are returned to Japan. Out of 10 packages that are returned to Japan, about 7 are marked "unclaimed" (usually a problem with the letter carrier's notice), 2 are marked "Does not live at the address indicated" or "Address unknown or cannot be found", and the last one is returned for a different or unspecified reason.<br><br>- about 1 out of every 1,000 packages disappears during transport. It is of course impossible to know the reasons for this, but you can already avoid the risks of delivery to the wrong address by telling your letter carrier in advance that you are expecting a package from abroad. Entering your phone number in the delivery address can also help the postman/delivery person find the right address.<br><br><em><strong>I'm moving: how to still receive my boxes?</strong></em><br>When you move, first change your delivery address on your personal space. To do so, click on "My account" in the main menu, then on the "Addresses" tab. Next to your "Delivery Address", click on "Edit".<br><br><em><strong>Please note:</strong> </em>after updating your address on your account, please send us a message via the contact form (choose subject 2 - Change of address) so that we can validate the change. <br><br>Note also that the change of address cannot be done on a box already indicated "in preparation" and will then be effective at the next box.<br><br>Finally, remember to follow up on your address with your postal service. This way you will be sure to receive your CandysanBox at your new address.<br><br><em><strong>Is my box insured?</strong></em><br>No, but we promise to resend your CandysanBox free of charge if it were to be returned to us in Japan, and if your shipping address is correct.<br><br><strong>Customs fees</strong><br><span>Customs fees and taxes may be applied on packages sent from Japan. We have no control over whether or not these fees are applied.</span><br><br><span>The fees vary depending on the destination country. Taxes are calculated based on the total price of the contents of the package + shipping, to which may be added a handling fee.</span><br><br><em>France: 20% or 5. 5% on books</em><br><br><em>Canada: 14%</em><br><em>Belgium: 21%</em><br><br><em>Switzerland: 8%</em><br><em>Germany: 19%</em><br><br><em>USA: No tax in theory on an amount less than $200.</em><br><span>These fees and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. Likewise, the recipient is responsible for any steps to be taken to receive a package from abroad according to the applicable law in their country.</span></p>